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Call for Volume Authors/Editors



Series Editor

Erin Mikulec, Illinois State University



Within recent years, there has been a growing dialogue about the experiences of women and girls and the degrees of sexism, misogyny, and oppression that still exist in the world. These conversations have come about through the current political climate that seems aimed at stifling women’s voices and agency socially, politically, and legally. While these societal ideas are not limited to one source, schools and institutions of higher education represent spaces of social reproduction for maintaining traditional gender roles and the expectations of and for women.


This series is open to a wide range of topics pertaining to women and girls in education in the U.S. and around the globe that focus on various levels of education that represent a diverse female population, including LGBT women and women of color.


Possible topics may include: genderizing practices through children’s literature, teachers’ attitudes towards gender roles, single sex classrooms, empowerment, developmental theory and adolescence, sex education, notions of girlhood, school to prison pipeline, dress codes, sexual assault, gendered racial identity, women’s experiences of discrimination, coping strategies, representations of women in the curriculum, Title IX, and feminist pedagogy.



Proposal Guidelines Proposals must include the following (in a single file in Word or PDF):

  1. A clearly described theme/topic for the volume
  2. An outline of possible chapter topics
  3. A clearly described rationale that describes the significance of the topic and how it contributes something new to the topic of learning environments.
  4. A description of the targeted market and how you envision the volume being used (What courses would it be used for? Would it be a primary text or a supplementary text for the course? Are there similar books on the market? If so, how will this volume be different?)
  5. If an edited volume, a list of possible contributors, and a brief bio of each contributor. If an authored volume, a bio of each author. A sample chapter may also be included but is not required.
  6. Proposed timeline from start to submission to publisher in final form.


For questions about the series or proposal preparation, or to submit your proposal, please e-mail the series editor: Erin Mikulec (

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