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Transformative Imaginings: Critical Visions for the Past-Present-Future of Education

Series editors: Tricia M. Kress, University of Massachusetts Boston and Robert Lake, Georgia Southern University



Every historical moment simultaneously contains now, then, and tomorrow, just as people are always at once who they have been, who they are, and who they might become in the future.  This series seeks to foreground visionary volumes that reflect Paulo Freire’s notion of “becoming” and Maxine Greene’s notion of “not yet” that are cognizant of the historical paths the critical pedagogy community has travelled and the many possible futures where our present junctures may lead.  Texts in this series include authored and edited volumes that emerge from outside grand narratives, employ creative and novel approaches to doing, researching, and theorizing about critical pedagogy, and remain committed to recognizing and honoring the critical pedagogy lineage that informs their work.  Texts in this series use a range of approaches such as narrative research or autoethnography; literary forms including poetry, fiction and visual mediums; and case studies of visionary praxis in order to address the simultaneity of past-present-future in the lives of teachers and young people in schools, scholars working in the academy, and activists working in communities. 

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